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Pic by @Razor_Damiano on Twitter

The laboratory


My real name is Luna, but everyone call me Sushi or Stuffed.

I'm located in a small town in the Marche, Italy.

Everything started in 2011, when i designed my very first fursona, Lucky.

After 8 years of studing and testing new and original ways to make my own fursuits, i decided to create Sushi, that's actually my fursona and the face of my business. So i decided to make my very first fursuit in August 2019.

After this first fursuit experience I decided to open commissions and try to bring to life people’s characters.

So I discovered my talent and my dream become true! I started making fursuits in my parents' loft, the night after work and during the week-ends.

In March 2021 i officially transformed this hobby in a fulltime job, with a regular VAT number.

I was the first person in Italy making fursuits as a regular fulltime job!

With my dad's help, i built my fursuit laboratory.

We only use high quality materials, and our heads are light, with very good visibility and very good ventilation.

We offer a lot of options, and we never stop learning and improving. The comfort is our speciality!

So if you have special requests we can try to satisfy them... We love challenges!

My laboratory is situated in a small town in the Marche, Italy.

In this "little" room, my fursuits come to life from start to end.

Immagine 2023-11-06 231338.png

I'm a fulltime fursuit maker and my job is my biggest passion. I started with fursuit making for hobby and it becomes my first job after a lot of commissions requests. I always try to improve myself and i only use HQ materials. I work hardly to make my fursuits very comfortable, with a very good visibility and breathability. Also, they are super light to wear, every piece is useable individually (you can detach the tail, handpaws, feetpaws, wings etc.. To use them as a partial if you need), and heads are fully adjustable.

Credits: Laboratory pics by @Lorenzo Giusti

The Team

StuffedTailsStudios Chibi's 2.png


It's me! i'm the creator and the owner of StuffedTails Fursuits. I create the 3D model, the mold and the foam version of my head bases, furring, sewing, 3D Print, shaving and everything it's needed to work on fursuits.

Actually i'm the only one who works phisically on suits!

External collaborators

Senza titolo 145_20231125173027.png


She is the artist that worked on the most of the art in this website, for example the little arts for accessories and the various parts in the pricing page, and even this cute doodle of herself (left pic)! You can find her on Instagram (click here)!

russet creations.png
Art by @TozzMutt

Russet Creations

He's our LED technician and 3D printer helper!

He is the creator of gorgeous LEDs circuits for our tails, eyes and other parts, and he creates some of our 3D models for example eye blanks, expressions, parts for magnetic antlers\horns, charms, and more! He also helps us to phisically print some parts.

You can find him on X (click here).



He's the project manager and the developer behind the LEDs and Fan controllers' firmware. He's also working on StuffedLights, an open protocol to control the Fursuits' LEDs, that's going to be released soon™.

You can find him on X

(click here)!

Logo nuovo2.jpg

Hade's Cave

She is the video maker. She made alle the tutorials on the fursuit care guide for our clients, the intro video in our website and more!

She also makes a lot of cool stuff!

You can find her on X

(click here)!

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