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Do you take commissions?

Yes, I take commissions periodically.


Do you accept payment plans?

Yes, I do. We also accept long-term payment plans for very big commissions. We can work with you if you need particoular requests! You can read all about payment plans here.


How can i know when your commissions are open?

I will communicate commission reopenings on our website and our social medias! Be sure to follow us if you are waiting for our reopening!


Can i commission you if i'm not 18+?

I can work with minors only if your parents/legal tutor will do the purchase for you. I can't make invoices for minors.  I always ask for a parent\tutor agreement. If I decide to accept your commission, I will need a form filled and signed by your parent\legal tutor.


How long will it take for my suit to be finished?

Creating each fursuit usually takes 1-4 weeks to complete, but due to our long commission queue it can take 2 months to 7 months for your commission to be completed. I don't work with deadlines but will do our best to complete it in time if you warn us ahead time. Please plan very far in advance if you are planning to have your fursuit done for an event.


Do you take artistic libery commissions?

Absolutely! I love this kind of commissions. But keep in mind that an artistic liberty commission's price can be increased if you choose an hard design or a colorful charachter.

Can you add eletronic components like LEDs on your fursuits?

Yes, i can. My business partner is experienced in eletronic components so we can add very HQ LEDs on fursuits eyes. We are working to offer LEDs in other parts of the suits too.

Can you make moving jaws?

Moving jaws are very difficult to make on foam bases so i don't make them at the moment. For now, i can make skulldog bases with moving jaws only.

Are your heads lined?

Yes, they are fully lined with traspirant and light materials.

Is it possible to have the fursuit complete for a specific date?

Usually i don't work with deadlines, but sometimes i try to work with clients to make it possible.


Do you make 2D eyes?

No, I don't. I don't like 2D eyes style so I decided to offer only 3D follow me eyes option. They are always included in our heads and the price will not be increased for them. I also offer closed eyes style (like Manokit's).

Can i wear glasses inside the fursuit head?

Yes, you can! I wear glasses too so i improved my heads to give the possibility to wear glasses inside them.

Which species can you make?

I can make most species.

Do you sell your head bases?

I sell them periodically! I don't sell dutch angel dragon's bases.


Do you take murrsuit\NSFW fursuit commission?

No, I don't. I only accept this kind of fursuit commissions in rare exceptions.


Do you take commissions for fursuit accessories?

Yes, I do. I will offer some kind of accessories like kigus,plushies,keychans, 3D printed sculptures etc... soon.


Do you take commissions for fursuit parts?

Yes, I do. You have the possibility to order just a tail, or handpaws or other small parts.


Do you make realistic fursuits?

No, I don't. I only make Toony-style fursuits. My heads are foam casted only.

Where do you ship?

I ship internationally. Since the shippings are from Italy, overseas shippings are more expensive.


Do you have other questions?

Contact me!



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