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Order Process

You must be 18+ to commission us in order to prevent any issues with parents or tutor. We can ask for an ID if we think it may be necessary, with the ID number covered if you prefer. If you are not 18, your tutor or legal guide must do the purchase for you.

We will only work at original characters, we do not work on characters from Anime/Manga/Cartoons/Videogames/Movies. We have our style, so we can not copy another artist’s work. 

We negotiate and discuss your commission details with you and we’ll make an accurate quote of your fursuit. We need to know all details to add to your suit, included if you prefer a determinate base expression, or if you want to add something extra.

Only after that, you must fill our application form. We need that form filled to know all your private informations (Real name, address,email,phone number, and your fursona informations too.)

You must have a detailed reference sheet. If you don’t have one, we can make it for you for an extra payment.

Before starting your commission we show you which fur we chose for the realisation of your suit. Keep in mind that it’s not always possible find the exact fur color of your reference (see Color/Fabric Matching).

We provide Work in Progress (WIPs) photos during the construction process. Some WIPs represent construction milestones. We require these milestone WIPs to be approved by you before proceeding.

These include, but are not limited to: images of fur/fabric swatches, the head carve before it is furred, and images of the completed fursuit.

Edits during the Construction Process

We work from your reference images and detailed information to create your commission. If you see WIPs we send and want tweaks or small adjustments along the way, we will accommodate, within reason.

If you want to change something on the character design, you can comunicate it to us before we start to work on your suit. We have to charge if you want to do It after we already started the commission. We will let you decide if you want to pay for the adjustment, or if we should proceed as-is.



We only accept payment through Paypal and bank transfers, in euro (€) value. When you send the payment you must always consider that.

Those who wish to pay with Paypal, I ask that the fee is covered.

Customers can opt to do a Payment Plan, with a minimum of 3 payments to a maximum of 6 payments. We can discuss to make longer payment plans if you need.


Payment Plans

We will not accept any confirmation through vocal messages, calls or everything that is not written.

We require you to be able to put down 30% of the total cost of your commission to begin with. After that, you can make monthly instalments until it's paid off. We recommend paying in installments of at least €200/300 a month.

You will able to decide the day of your monthly payments. We can accept a delay of 1 week without your communication. 

After that time we will charge The 5% for every week you will delay or we can decide to cancel your commission without refounds. So we suggest you to always communicate us if you can’t pay in a precise day. We can work with you for any problems.

If you need to postpone payments for awhile, we can work with you. Please contact us directly to communicate us the payment changes. You can also pausing production until you can start paying again. We can’t refound you if you will decide to cancel your commission.

Failure to pay or contact us for 1 month will result in your order being canceled.

Once the suit is ready, we will tell you as soon as we are sure everything is done and done perfectly. From that, you have three weeks to finish the payment and pay for the shipping. If that is not done in three weeks, we will charge for a 5% of the total amount of the suit for every week. We will hold the suit for a total time of 2 months. If the last payment os not done in that time, we will cancel everything and you will not be refounded.


Color/Fabric Matching

Please be aware that there is a limited color palette available for fabrics (fur, fleece, minky cuddle, faux leather) compared to the limitless possibilities that can be depicted in reference art. We try our best to match colors as best we can, but there will be some times when there is not a color close to a color in your reference. We will provide you with the closest color samples we have access to for you to choose from.

We only use HQ materials for our suit to give to your suit the best results. We DON’T accept fur already bought from you or others. If you need a particular color from a seller you know, we can buy it from them, but this is not always possible.( This could charge more the total price)


Wearability of Fursuits

Buyer understands that fursuits are bulky, claustrophobic, hot, and have less visibility than normal eye sight. We are not responsible for any injury you may incur while in suit. Including, but not limited to: fatigue, overheating, heat stroke, falls, dizziness, panic due to claustrophobia.

Please take care of yourself in suit! Take breaks, drink water, and have a friend be your handler in unfamiliar territory.


Buyer Responsibility

Buyer must provide accurate Ref Sheet, Duct Tape Dummy (if applicable), shoe size, and measurements. We rely on these to make your commission accurately. DTD must be sent in 3 weeks from the confirmation, with a proof of it being sent in case it will arrive later that 3 weeks. This is at your expenses, we will provide to sent you a video on how to make one. We will work based on your DTD. Any difference from your body to the DTD is not our fault and is not our responsability. You can see how to make your own DTD here. If Any measurements you comunicate us are wrong and the parts does not fit, we can not modify the suit or refund you.

Buyer is responsible for proper care of their fursuit:

  • Do not pick up head by ears or nose
  • Brush regularly
  • Wear a balaclava and clean socks to prevent build up of sweat inside parts
  • Wash head and bodysuit consistently
  • Avoid getting eyes of fursuit wet
  • Avoid mud, wine, coffee or anything else known to stain
  • Store in a cool and dry location
  • Do not store for a long period of time unwashed (the stink “bakes in”)
  • Do not expose to heat (like leaving outdoors, or in a hot car)
  • Hang dry only

Turn Around Time

We do not begin patterning orders until we have received customers measurements and DTD (if you got a bodysuit).

The construction process takes from 1 to 6 months.

We will not work with deadlines. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Times of working are decided by us. We will try to finish your commission as soon as possibile, but if you need the commission for a certain date, must be commissioned in time, and we will let you know if it is possibile.

Things that could delay your Turn Around Time

  • Not sending your measurements and DTD in a timely fashion
  • Not responding to email or pm's communications (especially when we send WIPs we need approved) in a timely fashion
  • Changes to designs or add-ons mid-way through commission
  • Delays with payments



We insure packages for the full value of your commission and require signature confirmation for your safety.

Upon shipment, you will be sent an automated confirmation email that includes your tracking number. Please check your email (and spam folder - just in case!) for your notification.

Packages are shipped with Italy postal services. International shippings are more expensive then italian’s. Price depends to the weight of the package and measurements. Once shipped they usually takes 1-3 days to arrive within Italy, and 5-12 days (or more) to arrive outside of it. If you need an express courier (for international shipping) you need to know that they are very expensive, so if you won’t to pay more please be patient.

Please be aware that International orders (those outside of Italy\Europe) may be subject to Customs charges and holds that are entirely out of our control. These are country-specific taxes that many countries charge when goods are imported. We did not charge you for these taxes, and are therefore not responsible for paying them. WE ARE NOT RESPONSABLE IF THE PACKAGE WILL BE LOST OR DAMAGED BY COURIERS!



We may keep the right to cancel your commission in case you will become aggressive, harassing, threatening, difficult to work with or you delay with payments. Is not necessary to ask continuously for Wips, since we will send them. 


Fursuit Warranty

If your suit arrives with any fitment issues or is defective in any way, please contact us ( right away to arrange an edit.

Your fursuit has a 1 month warranty from the date of arrival to you, the buyer. This covers repairs of rips, popped seams and adhesion failure. Please contact us to arrange a fix. While under warranty, buyer pays shipping to seller, and seller pays shipping back to buyer. Buyer is responsible for ensuring the suit is returned to us in a clean condition.

Warranty does not cover damage incurred from misuse or rough-housing in fursuit. It does not cover sizing issues due to buyer providing incorrect measurements. Making adjustments to the fursuit yourself can void the warranty.


Suit Repairs

Please expect your suit to go through normal wear and tear. If you take proper care of your fursuit it can last for years. There are times where your suit may need touch-ups or small fixes.

We can do these fixes, replace items. Please see our entry above concerning color/fabric matching.

You may contact us ( at any time you need a repair. We will assess the damage and charge accordingly based on the estimated hours to fix the problem. Buyer have to pay shipping both ways.

Buyer is responsible for ensuring the suit is returned to us in a clean condition.


Fursuit Refunds

Please be sure you want the commission and it is within your budget before purchase!

Refunds are only available to fursuits that are currently in production. In production is defined as the point in time where a customer has begun paying for their suit.

If you decide to get a refund, we automatically keep at least 50% of the full commission amount as a fee for supplies and communication. That rate increases as we get farther into your construction process. We will determine how much is due for refund based on the amount of work we have completed.

  • Once a Fursuit has been constructed it is no longer eligible for a refund.
  • We DON’T refund you if you decide to disappear with no reason. 
  • We DON’T refund you for wrong measurements communications.
  • We DON’T refund you if you will be harassing or aggressive with us and we cancel your commission.
  • We DON’T refund you the first payment down for any reason.
  • We DON'T refund you if you delay with payments without communications for over a month.
  • We reserve the right to sell your suit if you decide to cancel your commission once it’s completed.
  • We WILL refund you if we need to cancel your commission for JUSTIFIED health reasons or other.
We have animals (cat and dogs), and they have access to our laboratory. So if you are allergic to cats or dogs, please let us know, or choose another maker.

Seller’s Rights

We reserve the right to cancel an order for any reason. Buyer will be issued a refund in that case. We reserve the right to adjust our Terms of Service agreement at any time.

Photos of Commissions

We reserve the right to use any photography or videos that we take of commssioned work as posts to our social media, advertising of any kind, or print materials. 

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