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Price Guide

These are starting prices and can increase dramatically due to design complexity, the number of colors, and extra parts such as spikes, horns, additional eyelids, led, hair and additional accessories\options.

We offer flexible payment plans. All suit options come with some default elements like pickable nose, air vents, 3D follow me eyes and more. We add to our packages even a fursuit care kit, composed of a balaclava, pet brush and a mini repair kit. You will also recieve a family member pin and other little gifts!

We use patterns from Kloofsuits, Matrices, Oktavia's creatures in our suits, but we make some patterns in-house.

Paper Art_edited.jpg
mihni partial.png
full parziale.png


Starting price: 1600€

Default features include:

  • Adjustable band

  • 3D follow-me eyes

  • Pickable Nose

  • Cheeks and ears air vents (no fans)

  • A removeable\replaceable velcro tongue

  • 3D resin teeth base set

  • Fully lined interior with water-resistant fabric

  • Waterproof sublimated eyes

  • 3 fur colors

Examples here

Mini Partial

Starting price: 1900€

Default features include:

  • All head features

  • 4 or 5 fingered handpaws

  • Pickable Nose

  • Medium Tail

Examples here


Starting price: 2400€

Default features include:

  • All Mini partial features

  • 2-colors armsleeves

  • Outdoor Feetpaws

Examples here

full planti.png
digitigrade full.png

Full Plantigrade

Starting price: 3300

Default features include:

  • All head features

  • 4 or 5 fingered handpaws

  • Plantigrade outdoor feetpaws

  • Detatchable medium tail

  • Plantigrade bodysuit (no paddings)

All the parts are detachable from the bodysuit!

Examples here

Full Digitigrade

Starting price: 4000€

Default features include:

  • All head features

  • 4 or 5 fingered handpaws

  • Detachable digitigrade outdoor feetpaws

  • Detatchable medium tail

  • Digitigrade bodysuit (leg paddings with removable stuffing)

All the parts are detachable from the bodysuit!

Examples here

Single parts

We even offer single parts like hand paws, feet paws, tails, wings and more. We can take a few of this kind of commissions every time we reopen a new queue. In this section you can also find a lot of options and accessories for your suit, like hair tufts, LEDs, horns\spikes, feathers etc..


Starting price: 350€

Default feauters:

  • Half\full lining

  • 4 or 5 fingers

  • 2 fur colors


  • Squeaker +10€

  • Resin claws x10 set +50€

  • Plushie claws x10 set +20€

Examples here


Starting price: 480€

Default features:

  • Inside shoes (crocs)

  • Fully lined

  • Outdoor soles


  • Digitigrade version +70€

  • Indoor soles 100€

  • Outdoor pawpads 20€

  • Resin claws x10 set 70€

  • Plushie claws x10 30€

  • Velcro indoor\outdoor soles 250€ (outdoor pawpads included)

Examples here


Starting price: 120

Default features:

  • Small feathered 120€

  • Medium feathered 180€

  • Large feathered 220€

Same prices for bats-like wings!

Examples here


Starting price: 50

Default features:

  • Nub (bunny\deer) 50€

  • Short (hyena\awd) 100€

  • Medium (wolf\fox, 75cm) 130€

  • Curly 140€

  • Long (110cm) 170€

  • Shark tail 300€

  • Dutchie (120cm) 250€

  • Super motion starts at 500€


  • Feathers 100€

  • Fur Tuft 60€

  • Spikes 10€ each

Examples here

Accessories and adds-on

  • Magnetic expressions (Sexy, angry, sad, closed eyes) +40€

  • Extra fur colors: +70€ each

  • Eyes RGB leds +120€ (Compatible with StuffedLights!)

  • Tail RGB leds starting at 300€ (Compatible with Stuffedlights!)

  • Hair tuft +60€ (complex hair will increase the price)

  • Mohawk hair 200€+

  • Magnetic irises set +45€

  • Magnetic irises meshes +30€\couple

  • Cheeks fans +80€\couple (controllable fans will increase the price)

  • Bodysuit\head pokets +30€each

  • Wool fursuit beanie 80€+ (Examples)

  • Fursuit head bag +150€ (Examples)

  • Nylon collars 30€+

  • Mochi flat color collars 50€+ (examples)

  • Mochi printed collar 70€+ (examples)

  • Name 3D printed charm +15€

  • Collar bell +4€

  • Arm sleeves 100€+

Not listed here? Just ask! We love experimenting with new ideas!

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