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Pic by @Razor_Damiano on Twitter

About me

I'm a girl with a big passion: Fursuits and art.

I started with my first fursuit in august 2019, after 8 year of studying and testing new and original ways to make my own fursuits. After my first fursuit experience I decided to open commissions and try to bring to life people’s characters. So I discovered my talent and my dream become true! Finally I could follow my passions and Improve my experience.

My partner helps me to organise my business and making fursuits.

I only use high quality materials, and our heads are light, with very good visibility and very good ventilation. I offer a lot of options, and i never stop learning!

So if you have special requests i can try to satisfy them!

My laboratory is situated in a small town in the Marche, Italy.

In this "little" room, my fursuits come to life from start to end.

I'm a fulltime fursuit maker and my job is my biggest passion. I started with fursuit making for hobby and it becomes my first job after a lot of commissions requests. I always try to improve myself and i only use HQ materials. I work harly to make my fursuits very comfortable, with a very good visibility and breathability. Also, they are super light to wear, every piece is useable individually (you can detach the tail, handpaws, feetpaws, wings etc.. To use them as a partial if you need), and heads are fully adjustable.

Credits: Background and laboratory pics by Lorenzo Giusti (@lorenzogiusti on Instagram)

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