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Let's talk about quotes!

A quote is an estimation request. With it you will know how much your project will cost. We are open for quotes twice for year. We ask that you only apply for a quote if you will be ready to commission us at our next opening. Quotes are valid 6 months only, because prices can change.


You don't need to be 18+ to ask for a quote but you have to keep in mind that YOU MUST BE 18+ OR HAVE A TUTOR WHO WILL DO THE PURCHASE FOR YOU to fill out the application form and ask for a commission.


We will open a Google Form for quote applications and that is when you will be able to give us the details of your project such as: fullsuit, partial, fur colors, magnetic features, etc. Be sure to select ALL the options on the form!! If your character has an hair tuft or spikes select the correct option!

Add all your notes or suit preferences if you have any.

Submitting a quote does not guarantee a commission slot. When we are officially open for commissions (not just quotes), we will open an application form and it will be open 2 weeks. Take in mind that you must have a quote to fill out the application form. Commissions are not first come, first served. We could be unable to accept your commission for many reasons, one of them is too many applications. But don't worry, you can try to be choosen again the next reopening. We will take 5\8 commission slots per commissions opening.


Reference Sheets

Your reference should include:

Front and back views of your character (side views are great too, but not required)+ tongue color. Please keep in mind this point when you ask for a quote because we will ignore every quote request that doesn't include a ref with those characteristics!!

We accept SAFE FOR WORK REF SHEETS ONLY, any ‘Not Safe For Work’ reference sheets sent will be ignored. No genitalia should be visible on the reference sheet so be sure to censure them or cut them off.

All markings should be shown very clearly and they should be EXACTLY how you want them to look on your suit. We count every spot and stripe on a character to make my prices. So be sure to specific on the ref  or on the notes\suit prferences if spots number is casual or if you want an exact number of them. Take in mind that spots,stripes and complicated markings will increase the price of the suit.

We prefer ref sheets without shades.


What now?

After you filled out the quote form you will recieve an email after 3\4 weeks with you suit's price estimation. You just have to wait the reopening!

When commissions will be open again we will communicate it with a post on all my social media accounts. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram)

At this point applications forms will be open! If you already have a quote you can fill out the application form and... wait!


You've been choosen?

Congratulations! you can now be part of the StuffedTails family!

The first thing we need is a 30% non-refundable retainer fee (via PayPal or Bank tranfer) to hold your spot in our queue. Those who wish to pay with Paypal, we ask that the fee is covered (read my TOS). Bank transfer payments are preferable for EU customers. We require this payment to be made within 72 hours of your acceptance. If it is not received within that time, we will drop your acceptance and choose another project.

After the retainer fee is received you will be officially on my queue and you can start with the payment plan. If you need a payment plan, this can be discussed during the quoting process.

Shipping price will be calculated AFTER a project is complete. We will require the shipping to be paid in full before a project is shipped.

** Fullsuits usually cost between €30-60 (for italian customers) or €100-150 EUROS (for international shippings) to ship via Italian express courier. We require that all shipments be fully insured and tracked.

International customers are fully responsible for their country’s customs and/or import fees.


DTD and Measurements:

If you have commissioned a bodysuit from me, we will need a proper Duct Tape Dummy. This is a crucial element in ensuring your costume fits properly, so be sure to follow the tutorials and make it pefect!

We will NOT make bodysuits without a proper duct tape dummy. We are not responsable if your DTD is not made properly and the costume won't fit you perfectly!

Please follow this duct tape dummy tutorial (click here).

We require that at least one of your feet be taped up. Your toes do not have to be included, but please tape up the heel and ankle. The foot must be attached to the leg of the full duct tape dummy, please do not send a foot separately. Remember to sign where your elbows and knees are!

Tape your DTD back up completely before shipping it to us.

Write your name and character name on the front of your DTD.

Other measurements will be required on the applications form if needed (head circumference, feet number, chest circumference etc)

Material Choices 

We will discuss fur and other fabric options with you. Keep in mind that not all colors, fur lengths and styles are available. We will do our best to find the best materials for your project and keep the colors as close to the reference provided as possible. If a certain fur type is very rare or does not exist, we will alert you of this (usually during the quote process) and we will help you choose an alternative.

We will not accept fabrics or materials from clients. All materials must be purchased by us.


Work in Progress

We will send photos periodically. Please do not expect pictures every day and don't ask for them. We will try to send them as often as we can! We will contact you for approval before continuing construction on certain parts, so please keep a close eye on your email or Instagram.

Once your costume is completed, we will send detailed photos and videos for your approval.

We will also send an invoice for the shipping cost. Once shipping has been paid, your new fursuit will be sent on its way!

Costumes usually ship via SDA (italian postal courier) or other couriers if the box is bigger than the limits. We will always ship packages insured and with tracking.

When your costume arrives, please check it over and notify us of any problems ASAP.

If you have any questions please contact us or read my FAQs!

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