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​**You must be +18 to commission us. If you aren’t old enough a tutor or legal guardian must make the purchase for you.**

In this section you can see our base prices for fursuits accessories.

All our accessories are made by us with HQ materials.

If you have any requests about custom accessories we can talk about it and see what we can do for you!



Fursuit Beanies

Starting price 70€+

Want to take warm your fursuit during winter days? These beanies are handmade with love by my mum, with soft and colorful acrylic wool! We open commissions for those periodically! Take a look to the gallery!

Classic Collar

Starting price 30€+

  • Adjustable size
  • One color
  • Plastic or Metal (+10€) buckles


  • Bi- color (+5€)
  • Bell (+4€)
  • Custom 3D printed charm (10€+)
  • Want a custom collar? Ask for a quote!

Mochi Collar

Starting price 50€+

  • Adjustable size
  • One color super soft mochi minky
  • Plastic or Metal (+10€) buckles


  • Custom printed fabric (10€+)
  • Bell (+4€)
  • Custom 3D printed charm (10€+)
  • Want a custom collar? Ask for a quote!

Fursuit sandals

Starting price 30€+

You can add this accessory to your commission if you will choose the “indoor soles” option. Sadly, we can’t make sandals for suits that aren’t ours, because the size and the shape of feet paws is different from maker to maker.
Fursuit sandals are made with thick and reinforced Eva foam with rubber sole. Size is adjustable! They helps a lot to keep your fursuit indoor soles clean!

Fursuit Spray

Flat Price 8

Fursuits sprays are essential for your fursuit's disenfection. They are composed of
Isopropyl Alchool, Water and essential oils in various scents.
Spray it inside and outside of your fursuit eveytime you wear it to remove sweat odors and bacterias. Test it on a small area of the fabric you want to disinfect.
Avoid fursuit eyes and airbrushed parts. Do not use too much product!
Each scent has a different character, owners are indicated on the spray label. We can even make a custom label with your character!
They are available in different scents:
Coconut, Hot cocoa, Melon, Peppermint, Banana, Milk, Caramel, Blueberry, Ananas, Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla, Apple, Jasmine, Mango, Canine Rose, Chocolate, Lavender, Cotton candy, Cupcake (more scents arriving soon!)

Fursuit head bag

Starting price 100€+

New fursuit head bags! This is a very helpful accessory to carry your fursuit head at cons or for travelers. 

-Easy to transport

-Washing machine-washable

-Fully Waterproof

-The zipper doesn't get stuck on the head fur

-Light and adjustable (shoulder bag or shoulder strap)

-Big enough for Head+Handpaws and some accessories as collars, magnetic eyelids, small tail, badge etc..

-Fully customizable


Note: At the moment this accessory is available only for Stuffedtailsfursuits’s clients because of it’s complexity. This accessory must be made on a head to be useable.

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